Compass is a community of TU/e lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, questioning, queer, asexual students and employees.


About us

We celebrate diversity.

Together we make TU/e a welcoming and safe place, and contribute to the TU/e community.

We choose to have activities that contribute to the TU/e community as a whole, and activities that meet the needs to have a safe place where people can be themselves, even if that is not so easy for some yet. Compass has four main directions for its activities.

  • Activities targeting the Compass community itself. We have regular lunches and from time to time we organize small and low-key events for the group, such as exploring GLOW, a drink, or going to see a movie together.
  • Activities targeting the broader TU/e community, such as the Purple Friday (second Friday of December), invited talks by a prominent LGBTIQ activist and a social TU/e drink.
  • Activities targeting TU/e as an organization: we believe that certain things can be improved by raising awareness and implementing small changes to current practices to support LGBTIQ+ people.
  • Participating in networking activities involving LGBTIQ+ associations from other Dutch universities and (technology oriented) organizations in the Eindhoven region.

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