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E.S.V. Demos

Demos is a student association with equality among members. Students from different studies come together to enjoy student life!

About us

Eindhovens student association Demos is the youngest student association in the city. Demos characterizes itself through equality among its members. Every member has the same amount of rights, no matter the years of membership. All of our 250 members spent their time together studying, living together, at our own bar or doing committees.



Each dipute has their own unique character. Every year new members join their group. They have a weekly dinner and drink evening, go on weekend trips together or organize activities for themselves or the association.

Year clubs

Your first group of close friends with whom you enjoy the activities Demos has to offer and battle other yearclubs to become the prestigious 'yearclub of the year'! They lunch or dine frequently to get to know each other quicker.


Committees organize almost everything Demos has to offer. From the board to the party committee. You learn how to have an efficient meeting and how to properly communicate to large groups of people. A committee is a useful way to develop soft skills you don’t learn during your lectures!

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