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University Racing Eindhoven

URE builds a revolutionary electric Formula-style race car to compete in the annual Formula Student competition in both the electric and autonomous racing class

About us

University Racing Eindhoven, URE for short, is the oldest student project of the Eindhoven University of Technology. The URE team consists of 70 talented multidisciplinary students who design, build, test and race an electric race car in just one year.

During the summer the team competes in the international Formula Student competition, the biggest and most prestigious engineering competition worldwide. Within the Formula student competition, the team competes in the class of electric race cars; for autonomous vehicles.

The most recent car of URE, the URE15, has a convertible concept where the car is able to transform from manual electric (E) to driverless (D) mode. The next focus point of the team is to integrate all autonomous systems permanently in the car. Ultimately, the goal of the team is to make the car drive autonomously faster than a human is capable of.

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  • Team Manager

    Fieke Wijnen
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    University Racing Eindhoven
    Momentum 0.161C
    PO Box 513
    5612 AX Eindhoven
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    Building number 80
    Horsten 8
    5612 AX Eindhoven

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