Nanny Fund

The department of Mathematics & Computer Science wants to help (young) scientist to stay on track with their (international) career after they become parents. To this end the department is maintaining the Nanny Fund, which arose initially from an Aspasia grant of the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The fund is available to all academic staff (including PhD students) who have a contract within the department of Mathematics & Computer Science and have at least one child.

Applications may be submitted by academic staff (including PhD students) to organize adequate care facilities for their child(ren) while attending a conference in their field of research. The Nanny Fund covers travel and accommodation of a family member, friend, or childcare professional (a nanny) to the conference location to take care of the child(ren) or to finance additional help at home if the children do not travel to the conference location. Funding is based on actual expenses following TU/e guidelines for (inter)national travel; please note that the Nanny Fund does not cover meals. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, arrangements during virtual conferences can be accommodated as well.

According to Dutch tax law any reimbursement of costs from the Nanny Fund is part of the salary of the staff member and hence subject to wage tax. To offset the wage tax for the staff member, the reimbursement will be grossed. This, in turn may affect taxable wages, which, depending on the personal (family) situation, may influence income dependent schemes (such as income tax, childcare benefit, health care benefit, rent benefit). If you have questions on this topic, please contact HR Services before submitting an application.

For more information regarding the process we kindly refer you to our intranet page. Or please feel free to reach out to HR Services (please see contact details below).

HR Services
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