TU/e reaches 100% Open Access to peer-reviewed journal articles

June 27, 2023

Each year around this time TU/e determines the Open Access (OA) percentage of peer-reviewed journal articles published in the previous calendar year. This year, we reached 100%.

Different routes to Open Access

Not all articles are available in the same way. A large fraction – about 70% - is openly available on the journal’s website, known as Gold OA. A significant part of those Gold OA publications were made openly available through one of the many publish deals we have with large commercial publishers. The other 30% is available through the TU/e institutional repository (Pure) in so-called Green OA.

That we were able to make such a large proportion Green OA available is largely due to the so-called Taverne amendment to Dutch copyright law. Recently, TU/e adopted a new Open Access Regulation, allowing the University Library to facilitate researchers in automatically exercising this legal right to share.

Next step: not only read access but also reuse rights

That we achieved 100% OA is an important milestone in the transition to an Open Access scholarly publishing system. The next step involves expanding the authorization from reading to reusing, such as in educational contexts, across all publications.