Focus area of Complex Molecular Systems

Materials for Regenerative Medicine

Restoring tissue and organ function with intelligent, life-like materials

Investigate, design and use intelligent life-like materials

The central goal of this focus area in Complex Molecular Systems is to investigate, design and use intelligent life-like materials that drive the regeneration of living tissues and organs inside the human body ('in situ'). As such, the research builds on a fundamental understanding of the dynamic reciprocal interactions between materials and the biological processes of regeneration at length scales ranging from molecule to man.

To address the challenges and remain at the very forefront of regenerative medicine research, top-notch technology and bioengineering platforms are developed to support the program and its researchers. This includes multiscale dynamic visualization and quantification of our systems across length scales.

The Eindhoven researchers in this field took the initiative to establish the Dutch Research Center for Materials-Driven Regeneration (MDR). This joins materials scientists, cell biologists, tissue engineers and medical scientists to work on the regeneration of tissue and organ function with intelligent, life-like materials. The MDR consortium, funded by the Dutch Government with €18,8 million through the Gravitation program, addresses one of the biggest and costliest challenges of healthcare: the cure of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and organ diseases such as kidney failure. TU/e professor Carlijn Bouten chairs the MDR management team.

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