Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Internet of Things is rapidly transforming industry. At the heart of IIoT is the gathering, analyzing and sharing of meaningful and actionable data between systems, which in turn improves productivity, quality and competitiveness. By successfully enabling and developing IIoT technologies and infrastructure, HTSC aims to unlock value for individuals and businesses at all stages of the supply chain.

Currently the project 'Digital Factory of the Future' is running. Two other projects 'Cloudlets' and 'Trust through transparency in food production networks' are currently in development.

Digital Factory of the Future

This project proposal aims to share data from individual smart machines, devices and production processes, offering a springboard for a new, data-driven Smart Industry. By combining several innovations, including flexible production and intensive supply chain collaboration, this project will standardize the necessary infrastructure for sharing within and between companies, including an environment for companies to develop new applications. Both new entrants and existing manufacturing companies are set to gain from subsequent business models.


Cloudlets - Future-proof Industrial IoT Network Enhanced Industrial Machines 

Cloudlets is a research and industrial effort to bring autonomous and continuous evolution capabilities to Production Systems. The aim is to secure automated upgradability and sustainability, minimizing human intervention and maximizing resource utility. Any machine in a cloud, fog or edge paradigm can share computation, storage and network resources and host tasks with any other machine or network device. The project will develop a fog/edge system that is able to estimate local and remote resources, task requirements and the cost of allocating certain combinations of these resources. The ultimate goal of this resource provisioning system is to distribute tasks maximize the number of tasks hosted in this resource federation, boosting Machine capabilities to levels far beyond its native (hardware) configuration.


Trust through transparency in food production networks

Food production relies on many stakeholders in a complex chain. Crucially, most of the food products in the Netherlands are for export, but guaranteeing food safety and quality to customers (domestically and internationally) is difficult due to the lack of a coherent data-sharing approach. HTSC can help to make the Dutch food production sector more transparent by developing new detection and sensing systems, sharing services and modalities, product tracking systems and (big) data analytics to provide actionable data. This generates new business models that allow added value and profit to be shared fairly throughout the networks.


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