research project

Professional Skills for e-Mental Health

Serious games supporting mental health professionals in skill development and empathic interactions in online counselling

Our aim

This project aims to help professionals in mental healthcare to explore and implement technology in their clinical practice. The goal of the project is to develop a game-based learning environment in which professionals can safely experiment and gain experience with the possibilities of various technological tools that they can apply in their treatments. In addition, several new technologies will be explored that could enhance the empathic interaction and thereby support the therapeutic relationship online.

TU/e researchers involved

Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. W.A. IJsselsteijn

PhD students involved:

  • Milou Feijt

Other non-TU/e researchers involved:

  • Prof.dr. I.M.B. Bongers (Tranzo, TiU)
  • M.J. de Graaf (Fontys)
  • Prof. dr. Joyce Westerink (Philips Research)
  • Dr. J.P.A. Bierbooms (Tranzo, TiU)
  • GGzE

Project funded by: NWO: Human Capital - Serious Games for Professional Skills

Time-frame: 3/1/2017 - 2/28/2018