Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

We study foundations of AI for the present and the future. We design new AI methods, develop AI algorithms and tools with a view at expanding the reach of AI and its generalization abilities.

In particular, we study foundational issues of robustness, safety, fairness, trust, reliability, tractability, scalability, interpretability and explainability of AI.

Currently, DAI includes five research groups: Uncertainty in AI, Generative AI, Automated ML, Data Mining, and Databases.

Leveraging the development of Artificial intelligence through an interdepartmental approach

AI research is defined as the study of intelligent agents: devices that perceive their environments and take actions that maximize their chance of succeeding at a goal. This goal could be reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception or moving and manipulating objects. AI has always been ‘specialized’, focusing on arriving at the best decisions and strategies in different application contexts, with little real-world perception and understanding. The advent of Deep Learning (DL, deep neural networks) has boosted Machine Learning (ML) which is successfully employed in detection, classification and recognition and the engine of many advanced AI demonstrations in games and robotics. DL has become a dominant supporting technology and today, AI, ML and DL are seen as something of a unified field.

Eindhoven AI Systems Institute (EAISI)

The Eindhoven AI Systems Institute brings together all AI activities of the TU/e. Top researchers from various research groups work together to create new and exciting AI applications with a direct impact on the real world.

All this in close collaboration with our student teams and representatives from industry. TU/e now has many job opportunities for AI talent. JOBS




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