Opto-Mechatronic systems range from telescopes to microscopes, from wafer steppers to electron microscopes, from high-end 3D printers to gravitational wave observatories, systems that are dependent on cutting-edge mechanical engineering. To achieve a balanced design for such complex optical hardware, Opto-Mechatronics is a discipline which combines mechatronics, design principles, system engineering and optics. Besides design and analyses involving these disciplines, we have a strong focus on realizing hardware.

At the forefront of High-Tech

Optical systems require mechanical engineering at the boundaries of what is possible. The wavefront of the light used often has to be accurate to a fraction of the wavelength, which itself is short already. Hence wavefront errors in the nanometer range are regularly asked for. This requires extreme positioning, form accuracy, and stability for the components in such systems. As a result, Opto-Mechatronics is at the forefront of high-tech, pushing the boundaries in Precision Mechanisms, Thermo-Mechanics, and Mechatronics.

Research topics & Application areas

We currently have 6 PhD research projects in Opto-Mechatronics in our group. Research topics are groundbreaking Distance Metrology, Extreme (picometer level) stability, thermo-optical effects in high-power, high-end opto-mechatronic systems, and Adaptive Optics. Application areas are Lithography, Semiconductor inspection, Laser Satellite Communication, Astronomy and Space instrumentation. In our PhD and Master projects we work intensively with high-tech industry and world-class institutes.

If you’re a student and want a career designing and realizing hardware in a field that is highly multidisciplinary and with demanding technical requirements, we aim at offering you a solid foundation.

If you’re in a company or research institute and you want to cooperate on demanding Opto-Mechatronic challenges, we believe that training our master-students and PhD students on real-life challenges yields the best results, hence we’re happy to work together.

For more information or to explore cooperation, contact: Dr.ir. L.A. Cacace or ir. J.P. Kappelhof