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'Nu van het gas af leidt alleen tot meer CO2-uitstoot'.

Als we nu stoppen met aardgas, wordt de CO2-uitstoot alleen maar hoger, zegt TU/e-hoogleraar David Smeulders. Over een eenvoudig rekensommetje dat de regering vergat te maken.

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Bilateral Forum on Sustainable Energy

At the Bilateral Forum on Sustainable Energy in Lithuania, Klaipėda University, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and Eindhoven University of Technology signed strategic partnership agreement on the development of environmentally friendly and smart LNG technologies.


Energy Prof Smeulders: don't reject gas just yet

The rapid pace that we've suddenly adopted for getting off the gas here in the Netherlands is only going to make our CO2 emissions rise in the coming years. This is predicted by TU/e Professor David Smeulders of Energy Technology. He is opposed to the current ‘sustainability religion’ as a result of which, he believes, rational arguments are now falling on deaf ears. 


Rethinking energy storage

In this video interview with Physics World, David Smeulders speaks about his search for technology solutions to efficiently store energy and release it again when required. These two related processes are key to improving the economic viability of many renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.



CO2: promises, facts, fiction and perception

During the EnergyDays (edition 7 June 2018) Remco de Boer gave a lecture about the promises, facts, fiction and perception of the CO2 policy.

Ir. Remco de Boer is a researcher, commentator and publicist on the subject of energy transition. He has a weekly segment on BNR News radio, writes columns for the energy news service Energeia and is the founder of Studio Energie, a weekly podcast.

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