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Business Engineering

Business Engineering (BE) investigates and develops new concepts, methods, and techniques - including novel data-driven approaches - for the development and implementation of innovative business solutions. This involves the support for the engineering of business models, services, organizational structures, and architectures to enable value co-creation through sociotechnical systems.

Examples of specific methods, tools and techniques that are being developed include:

  • service-dominant business model design, evaluation and operationalization;
  • business service design, composition, and portfolio management;
  • design and implementation of system architectures;
  • decision making in information system design;
  • capability management for digital transformation and innovation; and
  • business model performance measurement and monitoring.

Each method, tool, or technique forms an integral part of the business engineering framework that focuses not only on the technical design of business systems, but also on their strategic, governance, and human dimensions to manage digital business.

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