Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Operations Planning Accounting & Control

The Operations, Planning, Accounting & Control (OPAC) group helps stakeholders across sectors to make smart, informed decisions, thereby contributing to more efficiency, enhanced sustainability, better use of resources and improved Total Cost of Ownership.


Controlling and improving operational processes  

Research within the Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control (OPAC) Group at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) deals with the control of operational processes, which can be related to manufacturing systems, distribution, transportation, warehousing, retail, healthcare, public transportation and service processes such as equipment maintenance. These operational processes transform incoming materials into outgoing materials or move these materials from one place to another using scarce resources, such as machines, people or means of transportation.


OPAC has long-term relationships with many industrial partners and works on several long-term research lines. 

OPAC Research Lines

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