B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses

6P2X0 Separation Technology
Purification costs contribute up to 40% of the total productions costs. In this course the most important industrial separation technologies will be discussed, e.g. distillation, extraction, absorption, crystallization, adsorption, membrane separation, filtration and sedimentation.

6EMAC5 Polymer membranes for sustainable process applications
Membranes are an essential separation technology in many existing and emerging large scale industrial processes in e.g. the process industry, (bio)medical applications, for the production of drinking water and in food and biotechnological processes. The course deals with the most important aspects of polymer membrane technology. It covers the complete knowledge chain ranging from molecular aspects to the implementation of membranes in industrial processes. The topics include: polymer materials properties, polymer membrane preparation, membrane characterization, transport phenomena in polymer membranes, membrane module design, industrial applications of membranes and future and emerging applications of polymer membranes.

6CPT40 Advanced Separation Technology
The course focuses on the design of multi-component multistage separations, hybrid techniques, rate-based models for equilibrium-based separation and membrane transport mechanisms, reactive membrane separations, reactive affinity separation, and dynamic operation.