MSc at Microsystems

At the MSc level, we provide in-depth courses to train specialists in micro- and nano-manufacturing, microrobotics, and microfluidics. It is possible to carry out challenging Master graduation projects, either within our own group or at our industrial partners. 

Are you curious about graduating in the Microsystems group? Here you can find a general description of the group, including the experiences of other Master students.

Elective courses

There are a number (core and specialization) courses that fit well to the profile of students graduating in the Microsystems group, see this overview. Other choices are also possible but should be discussed with prof. Jaap den Toonder.


Microsystems Courses

Our section gives the following courses for Master's students:

  • 4UM00 Microfabrication Methods
  • 4UM10 Microfluidics-put-to-work

Our group also has contribution to the following courses:

  • 4K400 Rheology
  • 4K720 Experimental Soft Matter
  • 4EM40 Heat and flow in microsystems