Research project

Interreg - OIP4NWE

October 2018 - October 2022
TU/e Innovation Lab
Polymer Materials Technology
Project Manager
Victor Dolores Calzadilla
Production chamber of Aixtron’s AIX 2800G4-TM

Integrated photonics is the emerging technology where the manipulation of light takes place on a chip, making the components an order of magnitude cheaper, smaller and more energy-efficient compared to today’s solutions. By providing these services to SMEs across Europe, the project reduces barriers and strengthens the competitiveness and innovation capabilities of European SMEs sustainably on the global markets.

Open-access facilities are of a laboratory nature (TRL4) and inadequate for manufacturing PICs with cost-efficiency, speed and reliable quality (TRL7). The equipment for PIC manufacturing is of an innovative, specialized nature that cannot be obtained from a single country. As application grows, NWE needs to stay ahead. Therefore, intense collaboration between innovation stakeholders at transnational level is an important goal of the project.

The Project is funded by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme, which fosters transnational cooperation to make North-West Europe a key economic player and an attractive place to work and live, with high levels of innovation, sustainability and cohesion.

The OIP4NWE consortium

OIP4NWE unites seven enterprises, three research institutes and four innovation clusters. It includes innovation leaders (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany), strong innovators (Ireland, United Kingdom) and a high-potential region in France

Our Partners

People involved in this project

Victor Calzadilla

Marija Trajkovic

Huub Ambrosius

Tim de Visser

Herman Leenders

Akanksha Kapoor

Key information

  • Lead partner: Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Timeline: 2018 - 2022
  • Total project budget: € 13.9 million
  • ERDF-funding: € 8.3 million


OIP4NWE is financed by Interreg.