Guus Pemen

Power Conversion

Through our research efforts, we aim to push the boundaries of power electronics, high-voltage technology, pulsed power, and electromagnetic compatibility. By advancing these fields, we contribute to the development of efficient and sustainable power systems, enable new applications in various industries, and ensure the reliable and safe operation of high-voltage equipment and networks.

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Research Profile

1. Medium-Voltage (MV) Power Electronics: We delve into the research and development of power electronics systems and devices designed for medium-voltage applications. Our goal is to create efficient, reliable, and compact power electronic solutions for a wide range of medium-voltage power systems, including distribution networks and industrial applications.
2. Pulsed Power and Transient Plasma: We explore the field of pulsed power, which involves generating high-power electrical pulses for applications such as plasma generation, particle acceleration, and high-energy physics. Our research focuses on developing innovative pulsed power systems and understanding the behavior of transient plasma to advance various scientific and industrial applications.
3. Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility: We investigate the impact of power electronics and electrical systems on power quality and electromagnetic compatibility. Our research aims to mitigate issues related to harmonics, voltage fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, and compatibility between different devices, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of power systems.
4. High-Voltage Technology: We specialize in high-voltage technology, focusing on the design, development, and testing of high-voltage components and systems. Our research encompasses areas such as insulation systems, switchgear, lightning protection, and high-voltage measurement techniques. We strive to enhance the efficiency, safety, and reliability of high-voltage systems and equipment.

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