8TB00 - Continuum mechanics


  • Vector calculus/ vector operations /decomposition with respect to a basis
  • Concepts of Force and Moment / Newton's laws /tensor- en matrix notation / drawing conventions
  • Equilibrium of force and momentum / free body diagrams
  • Modelling of 1-dimensional fibers and muscles
  • Viscoelastic behavior
  • Analysis of a 1-D-continuum / strain /stress /material behaviour

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of scalar and vector quantities in coordinate free notation as well as matrix notation after introduction of a basis.
  • Understanding of the concepts of forces and moments
  • Understanding force- and moment equilibrium
  • Being able to create free-body diagrams to calculate internal forces and moments
  • Understanding of simplified 1-dimensional models to describe elastic behaviour of fibres and muscles
  • Basic understanding of viscoelastic behaviour
  • Understanding the concepts of stress and strain