8R000 - Introduction to Regenerative Medicine and Technology


The course will consist of a fulltime program for 10 weeks. The following themes will be addressed:

Week 1: Introduction and molecular biology
Week 2: Imaging and biomarkers
Weeks 3&4: Cell and matrix biology
Week 5: Biomechanics
Weeks 6&7: Biomaterials and tissue interaction
Weeks 8&9: RM tissues from bench to bedside
Week 10: Exam

Lectures on the topics associated with the theme will be taught on Mondays in Eindhoven and Tuesdays in Utrecht, followed by guided self-study (= independent learning under supervision) and assignments. Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to self-study and the group projects. The group project consists of the assembly of a research proposal that is aimed at the regeneration of a specific tissue (e.g. heart valve, cartilage). The weekly themes will be incorporated into the research proposals under weekly supervision of a tissue expert. On Fridays, the groups will present to each other how they plan to incorporate the weekly theme into their proposal for tissue regeneration and will discuss the approach. Meetings on Fridays alternate between Eindhoven and Utrecht.

Learning objectives

After following this course, the student:

  • Is able to perform a search for specific literature, is able to read research articles,
  • Is able to prepare, give and defend a short scientific presentation,
  • And can give a critical appraisal of literature and presentations,
  • Knows which aspects are associated with writing a concise research proposal, including aspects of design of an experiment, statistics, ethics etc.,
  • Knows the basics of regenerative medicine and technology. The student is acquainted with topics from the broad spectrum that makes up RM&T,
  • Knows which challenges and approaches dominate frontier research of generation of various tissues,
  • Can function in multidisciplinary groups.