Microscopy Laboratory

The Microscopy Laboratory is located at Gemini-South 4.02.

The microscopy room is part of the Laboratory for Cell and Tissue Engineering. It is a fully blindable room inside this laboratory that houses our microscopy equipment. We have microscopes for brightfield, DIC, phase contrast, polarization, and epi-fluorescence microscopy, as well as four laser scanning microscopes. Between our laser scanning microscopes, there are two with a two-photon laser, one with a white-light laser, and one spinning disk confocal system. We can e.g. do confocal- and two-photon laser scanning microscopy, FLIM, FRET, FRAP and SHG with these microscopes. The spinning disk confocal microscope is equipped with mechanical testing devices in order to visualize material deformations during mechanical testing, and two of our microscopes are equipped with incubation boxes for live cell imaging.

List of equipment

Microscopes at the Microscopy Laboratory

Zeiss Axio Observer Z1

Brightfield, polarisation, DIC, phase contrast, fluorescence
Live cell imaging with incubation box

Zeiss Axiovert 200M

Dedicated (epi-)fluorescence microscope
Zeiss Discovery V8 stereo microscope

Zeiss LSM510

Confocal laser scanning microscope
With Argon and Helium/Neon laser

Zeiss LSM510 Meta NLO

Confocal laser scanning microscope
Two-photon laser scanning microscope
Non linear optics for e.g. SHG
Argon laser, Helium/Neon laser, and two-photon laser

Andor spinning-disk confocal

Spining-disk confocal microscope
Argon/Ion laser
With parallel plate rheometry and indentation set-up for live imaging of deformations in mechanical tests

Leica TCS SP5X

Confocal laser scanning microscope
Two-photon laser scanning microscope
White-light laser and two-photon laser
Live cell imaging with incubation box
FLIM with Picoquant extension

Keyence VHX-500 FE digital zoom microscope

Up to 1000x magnification
Free-angle observation system
Exceptional depth-of-focus

Leica DM2000 (2x)

Brightfield and epi-fluorescence microscopes for education