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Laboratory for Biomechanics

The Laboratory for Biomechanics is located at Gemini-South 4.05, 4.06 & 4.07.

Photos: Bart van Overbeeke

The Laboratory for Biomechanics, Biolab, hosts a variety of equipment and experimental setups to facilitate the ongoing research in the field of cardiovascular and orthopaedic biomechanics of the department of Biomedical Engineering.

Advanced experimental mock loops are available in the lab, to mimic different parts of the cardio vascular system (e.g. systemic, pulmonary and coronary circulation). The mock loops are applied for testing of tissue engineered constructs under physiological conditions. Moreover, these mock loops enable the development and improvement of techniques for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Such as cardiac assist devices (e.g. IABP, LVAD) or heart valve replacement. Furthermore, computer models of the cardiovascular system can be validated using the mock loop experiments.

The lab also hosts a microCT scanner for high-resolution 3D computer reconstructions of the microarchitecture of hard tissues (e.g. bone, biomaterials). In addition, five mechanical testing machines are available for the mechanical characterization of hard and soft tissues under static and dynamic loading conditions. The measurement of mechanical properties of biological tissues is essential for describing the constitutive behaviour of these tissues in computer models. Combining the mechanical measurements with a 3D computer reconstruction, gives valuable insight in relationships between structural and mechanical properties of tissues.

To facilitate the development of computer models using specialised software, the lab hosts a numerical area for computation and visualisation purposes.

For lab-education of our Biomedical Engineering students, the Biolab accommodates a Skillslab that facilitates teaching groups of up to 32 students. In the Skillslab all facilities are present to handle biological materials, including tensile testing facilities.

Direct access of the Biolab to the PULS/e Laboratory for Photoacoustics & Ultrasound, ensures that US scanners and Photo acoustics are within easy reach, for visualisation purposes. Whereas for histology the Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering and the Microscopy Laboratory  are available. 

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