Arjan Frijns is Assistant Professor in the field of heat and mass transfer at the micro- and nano-scales at Energy Technology group of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His main interests include fundamental research on heat transfer at the micro-scales, multi-scale modeling (MD, DSMC, hybrid MD-DSMC and CFD) as well as experimental validation (micro-PIV, 3D micro-PTV), (evaporative) micro-channel cooling, AC-electro-osmosis and ferrofluidics. He has an extensive track record of collaborative projects with industry, e.g. on evaporative (micro-channel) cooling, on rarefied gas flows and on microfluidic sensors.

In addition, he is also interested in heat transfer modeling in the human body, especially in relation to individual thermal sensation and thermal comfort in the built environment. In close collaboration with the department of Human Biology at Maastricht University, he developed the dynamic thermoregulation model ThermoSEM that is based neurophysiological mechanisms combined with internal heat transfer mechanisms.


Arjan Frijns obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering and his PhD from the department of Mathematics at TU/e. After a post-doctoral position in the field of heat transfer, he was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Energy Technology group at the TU/e (department of Mechanical Engineering). He worked in 2005 as visiting scientist in the group of prof. Peter Stephan (Technische Universität Darmstadt) and in 2016 in the group of prof. Geert van Steenberge (Ghent University / IMEC). Since 2012 he is co-chair of the international conference series on Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows (NEGF).