Janna Behnke conducts her doctoral study at TU Eindhoven within the Human Management Performance research group at the department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. Her research aims to investigate which factors contribute to a successful management of workforce diversity in STEM organizations. Primarily, the focus lays on examining the role of leadership in fostering an inclusive climate in organizations. In this respect Janna Behnke develops, gives and evaluates diversity interventions which focus on the daily processes and interactions of employees among themselves and between themselves and their supervisors.

Unless you consciously include, you will unconsciously exclude.” Stephan Frost


Janna Behnke studied Human Resource Studies at the Tilburg University and obtained her master degree with cum laude in January 2018. Her master thesis was concerned with gendered wording in entrepreneurial advertisement and how this masculine attributed wording undermines women's interest to apply for jobs in start ups.

Ancillary Activities

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