Education/Research Officer

Jeroen Dubbeld

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry


Since July 2022, Jeroen Dubbeld is a research technician in the Membrane Materials and Processes group of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the TU/e. Jeroen works on automation and up-scaling of electrochemical processes such as CO2 reduction, hydrogen fuel cells and redox flow batteries. His fields of expertise are: laboratory automation, electrochemistry, nano-scale processes and materials. Jeroen has experience as an engineer in laboratory automation, which he is now applying to translate proven innovative experiments towards large, commercial scale applications in the group. 


Jeroen Dubbeld obtained his BSc degree in Chemical Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Fontys Hogescholen (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) in 2016. He performed his graduate research at DSM on anti-reflective coatings for the solar panel aftermarket. He then moved to Utrecht University to obtain his MSc in Nanomaterials Science, where Jeroen graduated in 2020. During his master thesis, Jeroen developed earth-abundant hydrogen evolution electrodes for the water splitting reaction in alkaline environments. Before starting at the TU/e, he worked for two years at a laboratory automation company as a field service engineer where he further developed his technical skills.

Ancillary Activities

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