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Josette Gevers

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Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Josette Gevers is a Full Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and co-chair of the Human Performance Management group. Her research focuses on investigating the drivers of effective teamwork and performance. This work involves various types of teams (project teams, action teams, science teams, and sports teams) and forms of collaboration (interdisciplinary collaborations, intra- or inter-organizational collaborations, and human-robot collaborations).  

A dominant theme in her work concerns the impact of time-related issues, such as temporal demands and time-based characteristics, on team processes and performance, particularly in relation to creativity, innovation, and adaptation. Intersecting themes include team self-regulation, motivation, cognition, leadership and learning. An important question that she is currently aiming to answer is how workplace interventions (e.g., management practices, technology) can support teams in dealing with these issues and optimizing their performance. The insights gained so far indicate that such interventions should be geared towards facilitating a shared understanding of collaborative goals, processes, roles, and identity to enhance integrative, innovative, and adaptive performance.   


Teamwork is critical in solving the world’s most pertinent problems. Whether it works or not shouldn't be left to chance.


Josette Gevers received her MSc in social psychology from the University of Tilburg. Following this, she obtained her PhD and was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the TU/e in 2004. She is associate editor of Small Group Research and consulting editor of Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.  

Josette’s published work appears in book chapters and international high-impact journals in the field of applied psychology, organizational behavior, and management. She has presented her work at numerous (inter)national conference and has provided talks and tailored workshops to teams and their leaders, helping them establish great teamwork. 


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