Associate Professor

Kevin Verbeek

Department / Institute
Mathematics and Computer Science


Kevin Verbeek is an assistant professor in the Applied Geometric Algorithms group at TU Eindhoven. His main research interests lie within the area of computational geometry. Kevin is specialized in using theoretical techniques from computational geometry to solve real-world problems, mostly in the area of information visualization. His favorite research topics include computational geometry, graph drawing, automated cartography, social network analysis, information visualization, and computational topology. As part of an NWO-funded VENI project, he is developing new tools to measure and analyze the stability of geometric algorithms: small changes in the input should lead to small changes in the output. The stability of geometric algorithms plays an important role in the visualization of dynamic or time-varying data. Kevin is also involved in the GlamMap project. The goal of this project is to develop an interactive geo-spatial visualization tool to visualize GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) metadata.



Kevin Verbeek obtained his PhD at TU Eindhoven in 2012, with a thesis on “Algorithms for Cartographic Visualization”. From October 2012 to October 2014 Kevin was a postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara, where he researched the use of geometric techniques to analyze social networks. Since November 2014 Kevin is an assistant professor in the Applied Geometric Algorithms group at TU Eindhoven. He is currently the coordinator of the bachelor honors track “Competitive Programming and Problem Solving”, which is part of the TU/e Honors Academy. Furthermore, he is currently a member of the Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering.