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Oktay Türetken

Department / Institute
Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences


Oktay Turetken is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the Chair of the Industrial Engineering Bachelor Program.  In his research, Oktay applies an engineering lens to manage digital business models by developing methods and tools to facilitate their operational design and implementation. In doing so, he leverages the practices and technologies from the fields of information systems and business process management. Specifically, he is interested in collaborative digital business models, which enable value co-creation among multiple stakeholders. Through his work, he aims to contribute to the effective and sustainable outcomes of such models for all parties involved, including users, service providers, and the broader society. His typical application area for such models is the mobility domain. In recent projects, he has focused on designing and implementing digital platforms, including shared mobility and mobility-as-a-service, to enhance the integration of various mobility services in urban areas.


Oktay Turetken has a PhD degree in Information Systems. From 2008 until late 2012, he worked as a research fellow at the European Research Institute in Service Science at Tilburg University, where he participated in EU-funded FP7 research projects on service science and business process management. Between 1999 and 2008, he worked as a consultant on software and system engineering in the industry, and participated in and led a number of projects on enterprise resource planning system implementation, process improvement and automation, large-scale software-intensive system specification and acquisition, and project & portfolio management system implementations. In 2007 and 2008, he was an adjunct lecturer at METU Informatics Institute.

Since 2014, he has led and worked in several projects in the mobility domain. He has co-founded the MobilitEU initiative (, which is a not-for-profit organization fostering the development of open MaaS platforms across Europe. He is also the Expert Member of the “Foresight Group of Future Mobility for People and Goods” at the European Automotive Research Partners Association (EARPA, an EU body). 

He is a regular contributor to journals, such as Business & Information Systems Engineering, Business Process Management Journal, and Information and Software Technology. 

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- Frank Berkers
- Paola Lara Machado
- Montijn van de Ven
- Ginger Korsten

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