Doctoral Candidate

Rens Horst


In January 2022, Rens started his PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he will work on structural optimization of electrodes for low-temperature hydrogen fuel cells. He will focus particularly on the catalyst layer microstructure and the development of novel ionomer systems, coating techniques and advanced characterizations.


Rens received both his BSc. and MSc. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente with a focus on heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry. During his studies he also studied Materials Science at ETH Zürich for a semester and worked on fuel cell electric vehicle hydrogen drive train for a full year. For his master thesis, Rens developed an open-source electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance that could be used simultaneously with in-situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy to study adsorption processes at interfaces. Rens’ internship was performed at BASF Netherlands and was focused on advanced ceramics. He was awarded a scholarship for both his bachelor and master studies from the Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry in collaboration with BASF Netherlands and received the Young Talent Encouragement Prize from the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and Humanities.

Ancillary Activities

No ancillary activities