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Sanne Schoenmakers

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences
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Sanne Schoenmakers is assistent professor in Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. She focusses on creating warm technology that can support people. She has a background in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Technology Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.  Her research focusses on several areas where computers, software and robotics come together with psychology, sociology and cognition. Her current big project are:
- Happy again! developing an app to support people during grief by creating stronger social bonds
- Creative AI: understanding how AI and humans can collaborate in a creative process to form creative outcomes
- i.Touch2see: Creating a cognitive robotic arm that can deal with unstructured environments
- AIDE: a validated Affective Image Dataset of Environments for AI research
- Intelligence calibration: Designing AI systems such that human expectations fit AI capabilities Smaller projects can be found on her personal website: Her research approach often aims at applying Bayesian frameworks to AI problems to create white box solutions. Furthermore, she investigates generative adversarial neural networks (GAN's) and other artificial neural networks for applications in human-AI collaborations. Her algorithmic implementations are often bio-inspired and based on knowledge about the functioning of the human brain. SUPERVISION Sanne Schoenmakers is co-promotor of - Ralf Schmidt 
- Haodong Zheng
- Fatih deniz
- Wiebke Bodamer

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