S. Sezi Karayazi is a doctoral researcher at the Information Systems in the Built Environment group at TU/e under the supervision of Dr. Gamze Dane and Prof. Dr. Bauke de Vries. Her research focuses on leveraging newly available big data for urban architectural heritage. She analyzes the relation of built environment characteristics with volunteered geographic information such as social media datasets (Flickr, Twitter), web search data (Google Trends), and open data (Amsterdam City Data) in the context of (over/under)tourism in Amsterdam.  


S.Sezi Karayazi obtained her BSc. degree (2012) at the Faculty of Architecture, Gazi University, Turkey. She did her MSc. (2015) at the same department in the Chair of Restoration, Conservation and Protection with the title of "Assessment of rural architectural characteristics in Belenalan village, Akseki". During her MSc, she worked as a Conservation Architect in Sayka Architecture which was awarded by Europa Nostra (2019). In 2019, she obtained MSc. degree from Construction Management and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her thesis is related to "The relevance of newly available big data and urban heritage tourism".  

Ancillary Activities

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