Doctoral Candidate

Woutje ter Weel


Electrochemical CO2 reduction towards fuels and chemicals is a promising route to close the carbon cycle and transition towards a more sustainable chemical industry. One of the key components for this technique, the ion exchange membrane, suffers from poor chemical and mechanical stability at high pH, low hydroxide conductivity and cross-over of negatively charged species. The “Ion exchange membranes for electrochemical CO2 reduction” project focuses on developing novel anion exchange membranes with improved chemical and mechanical stability at high pH while not compromising the conductivity and selectivity of the membrane. This project is part of the Reversible Large Scale Energy storage (RELEASE) program, which aims to develop and implement new solutions for large-scale energy storage.  


Woutje ter Weel obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. For her final bachelor project, she worked in the Catalysis and Sustainable Chemical Processes group in the Department of Chemistry at Durham University. During her master thesis, Woutje studied zeolite catalysts for the conversion of chemical building blocks to high-demand chemicals. She did her industrial internship at BASF in de Meern. In 2021, Woutje started as a PhD candidate in the Membrane Materials and Processes Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ancillary Activities

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