Industrial Engineering

After graduation

After your Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree

During your degree, you will have already done a lot of work with companies and institutions. As a graduate of the Industrial Engineering program, you will therefore be well-attuned to what the market demands. You are an ‘integrator’, someone who can integrate different disciplines and provide solutions.

With your bachelor’s degree in hand, you can make an immediate start in positions in which organizational and technical processes play a role. For example, you might improve business processes in healthcare, be responsible for purchasing and logistics at a wholesaler or be a manager at a high-tech multinational.

Your skills (academic skills)

After completing your Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree, you will have insight into many aspects of business processes and the connections between them. You will know what is expected of the various divisions within companies (innovation and development, purchasing, production, marketing, logistics, ICT, organization, business economics, quality control) and what their role is within the whole. With this knowledge, you can choose the direction in which you want to develop yourself after your studies.

You could specialize, for example, in one of the fields mentioned above. Or you could decide to know something about everything and work more as a generalist. Whatever you do, we advise you to take up a master’s degree after your bachelor’s. In this way, you can complete your knowledge!

Follow-on master’s

After obtaining your Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree, you can choose from subsequent master’s programs both domestically and abroad. At TU/e, you can directly begin the following master’s programs:

During your bachelor’s, you will have taken electives as part of the elective space. Depending on how you filled these, you may be able to go directly to the master’s listed below or you may still need to follow an admissions program:

  • Business Analytics and Operations Research
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Business Information Systems

Careers with an Industrial Engineering bachelor’s degree

With a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, you’re ready to start your career right away. Your chances on the job market are very good. In the Brainport region of Eindhoven in particular, there is a high demand for industrial engineers. However, many students choose to specialize further with a master’s degree. Whatever you choose, your possibilities are almost limitless. For example, you could work:

  • in the transportation sector.
  • at a consulting firm.
  • at a trading company.
  • in (scientific) research.
  • in financial services.
  • at a manufacturing company.
  • abroad.

Typical entry-level positions for an industrial engineer include:

  • Logistics planner
  • Quality officer
  • ICT project supervisor
  • Product innovation project manager
  • Organizational consultant

And if you have the ambition, you can advance into management positions with even more responsibility.

Who came before you?

Are you curious about where graduates of this program have gone to work? Read more about job prospects in the 'Graduates on the job market' brochure or watch the video in which graduates talk about their jobs. Tip: check out LinkedIn to see where our former students have ended up after graduation.