Industrial Engineering

After graduation

Since you have already worked with many companies and institutions during your studies, you as a graduate engineer in Industrial Engineering know what the market has in store. As industrial engineer you are the integrator who combines the various disciplines and finds solutions.

Subsequent master's degrees

After obtaining your bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, you can pursue a master's degree in the Netherlands or abroad. You have direct access to the following master's programs at TU/e:

With a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering you are ready to start your career. Still, many students choose to specialize by pursuing a master's degree. Whatever you choose, your possibilities are nearly limitless, since you can start your career in virtually every sector. You can work for example: 

  • in the transport sector; 
  • as an consultant; 
  • for a trading company; 
  • in scientific or other research; 
  • in financial services; 
  • for a production company; 
  • abroad. 

Typical entry-level jobs for Industrial Engineers are:

  • Logistics planner
  • Quality assurance officer
  • Supervisor IT projects
  • Project leader product innovation
  • Organizational consultant

And, if you are ambitious, you can climb the ladder to management and enjoy more responsibilities.

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