Course materials


The basis for our student-aimed course materials is learning trajectories and workshops. The learning trajectories are aimed at plug-and-play in the classroom. The learning trajectories offer substantive liaison materials that is digitally available to use during classes.

Each learning trajectories consists of a several modules (3-4) that give substance to an overriding subject. As a teacher, you can choose between 2 router per learning trajectory: the standard learning trajectory or the crash course. The standard learning trajectory offers 3-4 classes per module. The crash course is a shortened version of 1 class per module. This makes the learning trajectory flexible and adaptable to the opportunities of your school.

The module construction of a learning trajectory has two possible routes as well: deepening or broadening. The different modules can be used to offer liaison with several school courses, in order to make the learning trajectory cross curricular. This means that the modules can offer more substantive deepening to a subject. Which of these two routes will be taken is depending on the learning trajectory. The individual modules are all related to one school course only. Attention will be paid to exam conditions in order to make a connection with course contents. Materials that are offered to third graders (in high school) is aimed at the liaison course level. Content wise there’s an emphasis on skills: the assignments for the students focuses on subjects as teamwork, writing, and research.

Supervision and questions

During the classes, you as a teacher supervise the students’ processes. For substantive feedback, student-assistants of the TU/e are involved, who are available via the Canvas discussions.


The learning trajectories, modules and workshops are connected to 7 themes. These themes are derived from the studies from our Bachelor College, and reflect the fields that are worked on within the Bachelor College. The 7 themes:

  • Human and Technology
  • Design and Creativity
  • Mobility and Society
  • Sustainability and Innovation
  • Data, Digital knowledge and AI
  • Health and Vitality
  • Hardware and Mathematics

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