Bachelor programs


Why selection for Bachelor's degree programs?

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is known for its small-scale, personal education. To maintain this high standard of education and our high levels of contact between teachers and students, we need to limit the number of students we can admit to certain popular programs. If interest exceeds this maximum limit, we apply a selection procedure to find students who best fit our profile of the Engineer of the Future. And that is not always the students with the highest grades.

Our ideal student profile

An engineer in today's society needs to have both scientific knowledge and the personal and professional skills to put that knowledge to use for society. He or she needs to deliver technological solutions for the complex problems facing society and the world: producing clean energy, healing diseases and injuries, and enabling sustainable mobility. To do this, engineers need to be able to collaborate, communicate and think creatively. To look beyond the horizon and have an enterprising mindset. 

Is this you? Then we look forward to meeting you during our selection process.  

Which bachelor’s degree programs have selection

Please note: Programs with selection have a different application deadline. Make sure to complete your application by 15 January 2019

In 2019-2020, the bachelor’s degree programs with selection are:  

Selection criteria

Each bachelor’s degree program can set two selection criteria.  

  • Your average grade in your last completed year of high school (5vwo or your local equivalent). 
  • A selection criterium that is specific for your bachelor's degree program. Check your program's admission criteria for the details. 


Do you have general questions about selection? Pleas fill in the contactform below.
If you have specific program related questions please fill in the contactform on the webpage of the Bacherlor's degree program.