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Why selection for Bachelor's degree programs?

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is known for its small-scale, personal education. To maintain this high standard of education and our high levels of contact between teachers and students, we need to ensure that the right students enroll in our most popular bachelor's degree programs. If interest exceeds this maximum limit, we therefore apply a selection procedure to find students who best fit our profile of the Engineer of the Future. And that is not always the students with the highest grades. Above all, last year we were able to grant admission to all candidates who were interested in a program with selection. So do not get discouraged and participate in the selection procedure!

Our ideal student profile

An engineer in today's society needs to have both scientific knowledge and the personal and professional skills to put that knowledge to use for society. He or she needs to deliver technological solutions for the complex problems facing society and the world: producing clean energy, healing diseases and injuries, and enabling sustainable mobility. To do this, engineers need to be able to collaborate, communicate and think creatively. To look beyond the horizon and have an enterprising mindset. 

Is this you? Then we look forward to meeting you during our selection process.  

Which bachelor’s degree programs have selection

Please note: Programs with selection have a different deadline for enrolment, namely 15 January. The application for programs with selection has now been closed.

In 2019-2020, the bachelor’s degree programs with selection are:  

Selection criteria

Each bachelor’s degree program can set two selection criteria.  

  • Your average grade in your last completed year of high school (5vwo or your local equivalent). 
  • A selection criterium that is specific for your bachelor's degree program. Check your program's admission criteria for the details. 

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  • a - What is (decentralized) selection?

    This is where an educational institution (in this case TU/e) has put into effect a limited capacity (numerus fixus), which means only a limited number of available places. The enrollment process is therefore different from that of normal study programs where there is no selection. Selection and the awarding of ranking numbers determine who is offered a place for the study program. It is essential for you to enroll for a decentralized selection study program via Studielink by 15 January at the latest.


  • b - To whom does selection and placement apply?

    The regulations apply to anyone who wishes to enroll for the first time in the first year of one of the aforementioned bachelor's programs. So also for:

    • Current students from other TU/e programs who wish to switch to a fixus program by 1 September 2019 (or later);
    • Students of a fixus program who, after an interruption of their studies, start again with the first year of that fixus program.
    • Persons with a non-Dutch prior education
  • c - What is the maximum number of students that can be enrolled per study program?

    These are the maxima:

    • Architecture, Urbanism & Build Sciences (Bouwkunde): 275
    • Biomedical Engineering/Medical Sciences and Engineering: 275
    • Computer Science & Engineering: 275
    • Industrial Design: 180
    • Industrial Engineering: 275
    • Mechanical Engineering: 330

    Last year, almost everyone was eventually placed for the desired program. So don't be deterred by the selection procedure to do the program you want! 95% of the maximum number of students per study program will be selected and the remaining 5% reserved for exceptional cases. See the Selection and Placement Regulations TU/e.

  • d - How is the procedure organized?

    The following dates are key:

    1 October 2018

    Registration for the selection Bachelor’s program begins

    15 January 2019

    Application deadline for the selection program via Studielink

    Between 15 January and 15 April 2019

    Participation in selection process. Check the programs for specific dates.

    15 April 2019

    Announcement of ranking numbers via Studielink

    From 15 April 2019

    Offer of places

    Within two weeks (14x24 hours)  of

    Accept/reject place for selection Bachelor’s  program

  • e - Why do I (as Dutch student) need a DigiD and how can I apply for my DigiD?

    As Dutch student, make sure you apply for your DigiD in good time because you will need this to be able to apply via Studielink.

    You can apply for your DigiD via Please note that this can take up to 5 (work-) days! Apply for your DigiD in December.

  • f - Where and when do I receive information?

    After your application, messages will be sent to the emailadress you have entered in Studielink.  Keep an eye on your mailbox (don’t forget the junk mail!)

  • g - For how many numerus fixus programs can I apply each academic year?

    For each academic year you can submit a maximum of two enrolment applications for a numerus fixus program, with the exception of the Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene and Physiotherapy study programs, for which you can only submit one application per numerus fixus program per academic year. 

    At TU/e, a candidate may participate up to three times in the selection procedure of a specific study program.

  • h - What selection criteria are there?

    There are two criteria for the selection process:

    a. school grades: at TU/e the average of all your 5 high-school (vwo) grades which are part of the Central Exam 2019;

    b. another, TU/e determined criterion not based on school grades.

    Combining these two types of criterion enhances the chance that the right student finds the right place.

    TU/e selection programs all use the average high-school grade (vwo) as one criterion. This is the average of all your Central Exam subjects at the end of that school year.
    If you have not completed this high-school program or you have completed your secondary...

  • i - Can you prepare for the selection process?

    In general, you can prepare by taking a closer look at the study program: does it fit what you are looking for? And by exploring the procedure, dates, etc. per study program, you won’t encounter any surprises.

    Whether you can or need to doing anything beforehand differs per Bachelor’s program. Check the program of your choice for study-specific details.

  • j - How is my ranking decided?

    Your ranking is decided by combining the two criteria: your school grades make up roughly half and the other criterion the rest.

    In more precise terms: the ranking order is based on a combination of:

    (a) the average 5VWO grade obtained (or comparable grade for international students and for students that have not followed the pre-university VWO program) and

    (b) the result of one or more tests/assignments per study.

    All the results are converted into comparable scores (standard scores) before they are combined into a total score. In determining the total score, part (a) and part (b) are...

  • l - How do I provide my grades?

    Once you enroll, you will quickly be asked to upload a certified copy and enter your grades. A certified copy is a copy of your diploma or list of grades containing an original stamp from your (secondary/high) school or university whereby the school or university confirms that the copy conforms to the original.

    This concerns the subjects, figures and a certified copy of:

    1. your penultimate year (5 => 6 VWO) end-of-year report, if you come from a secondary/high school
    2. your HAVO-5 (secondary school) final list of grades, if you want to transfer from HBO (higher education).

    You can use a special...

  • m - I won’t be able to submit my list of grades on time; what should I do?

    If you wish to participate in the selection, then upload a copy (even if not certified) of your list of grades in any case before or on 15 January 2019. You will then be given a few days extra to submit the right list of grades. If we have not received any list of grades by 15 January, then you will be excluded from participating in the selection and no place will be offered.

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