After graduation

After the degree: in charge of where you go next

Data science and AI have reached the doorstep of every organization and are now integral parts of troubleshooting, problem solving, scenario planning, and more. DS&AI alumni are sought-after potential employees, as they are able to extend human intelligence in an explainable, responsible, and transparant manner, taking the scientific and industrial field to the next level with a systematic approach.

As a graduate, you will have developed a scientific perspective combined with an engineering approach that forms an excellent foundation for a succesful career, whether you continue your academic career in a PhD track or jump-start your career outside of the university.

DS&AI alumni

You find DS&AI alumni everywhere. After you graduate, you might start your career in:

  • research laboratories
  • banking
  • (government) organizations
  • hospitals
  • multinationals
  • (internet) companies or startups, such as Nike, UiPath, ING, Gartner, Microsoft, MessageBird, ABN AMRO, KPMG, Celonis, GuanData, Wolfpack IT, ASML, RepubliQ, Shell, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Netlight, Vanderlande, Target Holding, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Scania Group, Cognizant, Tata Steel, and many others.

Interested in taking a quick look at what is out there? Get inspired and review the range of data science and AI jobs in The Netherlands.