Bachelor Industrial Design

The bachelor's program Industrial Design focuses on interactive systems, products and related services that change, intensify or make life more comfortable. This field is all about innovation, creativity, technology, user needs, aesthetics, societal and business interests.

New technologies and issues arising from societal trends are translated into innovations for everyday life. Students work, for example, on applications that can personalize cars, or on intelligent clothing that stimulates people to live a more active lifestyle. 

The educational program

The educational program of the bachelor’s program Industrial Design is based on self-directed and competency-centered learning. You work as a junior employee in a design team on a design project together with fellow students. You are coached by several experts and work closely together with researchers of the department.

The international staff of the program comprises teachers and supervisors that are partly practitioners from the field. No wonder there’s a close collaboration with companies and institutions, and a considerable focus on project based learning.


Since Industrial Design is a very internationally oriented field, the official language of the bachelor's program is English. All courses and reports are in English, so fluency is a requirement. Students from non-English speaking countries will quickly get used to reading, writing, and presenting in English.

Do I fit this program?

As a student of Industrial Design you have an interest in technological applications, you have the right attitude to learn and to think in a creative way and you have empathy with people. Our study program requires students that can perform well in a team, but are also willing to develop towards active, autonomous and responsible learners.

This program challenges you to reflect on who you are as a designer and how you want to further your development. It is intensive but rewarding and can be considered as a fulltime job, sometimes even more. To find out if you actually fit this program, check our student information activities and stop by for a visit! 

NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).