Graduated and then?

There is a strong demand for graduate engineers from the Master's Program Sustainable Energy Technology. As an engineer you will be able to provide technical solutions for problems and questions related to process and product engineering.

In professional activities the Eindhoven Sustainable Energy Engineers always bear in mind the economic, social, environmental and ethical aspects. The demand for Sustainable Energy Technology engineers is strong, in the energy industry, in related fields such as the supply industry, consultancies and in other parties involved in energy policy, such as local, national and international government, at research institutes or engineering firms. However, you can also choose a scientific career.

A PhD program

After graduating from the Master's Program Sustainable Energy Technology you can opt for a PhD program whereby you will be working for the department and have an important position: to uphold the reputation and continuity of the research of department. A PhD program lasts for four years, after which you will gain your doctorate title (Dr.).

A Designer's program

After gaining your Master's degree in a technological field and a stringent selection process, you can take a designer's program. The program leads to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree.

During your program you will increase your technological knowledge, but you also learn how to apply it in practice. The designer's programs consist of two parts. You first follow a year of advanced education to prepare you for a major design project lasting from eight to twelve months. Under the supervision of experienced professionals, you will take part in a large-scale, multidisciplinary project in a leading company.

Alumnus Inge Wijgerse

"When I was fifteen I already knew that I'd later do something with technology and developing countries. I was especially fascinated by sustainable energy. So the Master's program in Sustainable Energy Technology started at just the right time for me. I felt at home there right from day one. I graduated on the electricity system of a village in Mali. I used a model to research whether this system, which uses diesel-powered generators running on vegetable oil, was sustainable. Now I'm working as an innovation specialist at Stedin, the network operator for the Randstad urban area. I'm working on the development of the energy system of the future. The fact that I'm doing innovative and socially relevant work makes me enthusiastic. It's exactly what I wanted to do when I was younger."