Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) offers TU/e employees an environment where they can perform and grow optimally. Our responsibilities are in three areas:

  • Professional Development
    TU/e considers it important for personnel to be given the scope to develop themselves and shape their professional careers. The Professional Development department of HRM therefore offers personnel a varied range of training and development options intended for a diversity of employees. For example, you can consult Professional Development on opportunities to refine your research or didactic competencies as well as management training, a  training program specifically geared to PhD students, language training, a course in presentation skills or a workshop to help you steer your career.
  • WP policy
    The core of the new personnel policy for academic staff, “excellent people attract excellent people, the next generation”, is shaped by four interrelated domains of performance and development, namely: research, education, valorization and organization & management. The policy also makes it clear how the development tracks that TU/e offers its academic staff work. HRM is working on the ongoing development of instruments for and support in the practical application of this policy.