Coaching Students, Student Teams or Start-Ups

What multiplies when you share it?

The answer is: knowledge

When our students become alumni and pursue their careers, they gain experience and keep learning. That knowledge is extremely valuable for the TU/e. Learning from alumni helps us keep up with the evolution of domains in which we educate our students

Are you alumnus and want to share your experiences in the technical work field with the next generation? Consider to enrich our students with your knowledge by becoming a coach for our Students, Student teams or Startups.

Interested in becoming a coach?

TU/e Contest:

By coaching Student Teams in the annual TU/e Contest you can give students the opportunity to realize their innovative ideas and even take them to the next level.

I would like to be involved with startups related to sport and technology. I can offer coaching and help them find the right network that will act as a springboard. - Kjille Hoeben, CEO of start-up Purplexus BV

Coaching as a GURU

Alumni can also become a coach within the GURU Coaching program from TU/e innovation Space. During the TU/e Innovation Night you can get more information or please contact us via

Alumni are of valuable importance to the TU/e student teams, as coach they can pass on their expertise through the GURU Network within TU/e innovation Space. - Bart Koppelmans, TU/e innovation Space

TU/e Start-ups:

TU/e is proud to have contributed to the set up of a wide range of start-ups initiated by its students. Are you as alumnus interested in coaching a particular start-up? Please let us know by sending an email to

 The Eindhoven region is a particularly fertile environment for the emergence of tech start-ups, alumni play an important role in coaching those start-ups. Therefore the cooperation with the Office for Alumni Relations is very valuable.  - Jeroen van Woerden, Managing Director The Gate