New partnerships

When you study TU/e’s history, there is one characteristic that stands out. And that’s cooperation, especially with companies. In our 67 years of existence, we have always had mutually beneficial partnerships with Philips, our founding father, and other companies. Together we bring our inventions, our research, and our visions for progress to life.


Different perspectives on the same goal
As a university in the middle of a region that’s focused on innovation like no other, we have had the privilege of working with numerous companies and institutes. They have helped us advance our projects and ideas and look at development from different perspectives.

A perfect example of successful cooperation is the partnership between ASML and TU/e. In April of 2023 both parties signed a memorandum in which the university and the world’s largest supplier of photolithography machines agree to jointly develop a 10-year strategic research roadmap. ASML will also build a new research facility on the TU/e campus, including setting up a stateof-the-art clean room. Robert Jan Smits: “With the signing of this memorandum, TU/e and ASML seal their good cooperation of the past years and take it one step further. This facility will be a place where joint research is also emphatically carried out. Good for our researchers, but certainly also for our students, who thus already meet ASML researchers during their studies, from whom they can learn a lot.”

New Partnerships
As the Office for Alumni relations, we see the fruits of working with partners like ASML almost every day. We understand the importance of maintaining existing and creating new connections. That’s why we are always looking for parties that share our values and that want to take part in partnerships in which we both benefit. One of those parties is Neways.

Cooperating with Neways
Neways is a company that develops and produces electronics that facilitate major trends around global ESG themes. They do so for the most demanding customers in the industry. Their products help create a sustainable future. Neways was founded by TU/e alumni and many of our alumni currently work there or have worked there at some point in their career. Like many other companies, they need highly educated engineers to do what they do and to keep growing. At the same time, they have a lot to offer our students and alumni: unique knowledge and insights being just two examples. The same can be said for other companies, but our belief that this partnership will be a success is based on the values we share.

Shared Values
The two most important shared values are our commitment to help find answers to todays and tomorrows challenges and the conviction that connection and cooperation dramatically increases our chances of success in doing so. That’s why, in the coming months, we will work out the details of our cooperation, focusing on the exchange of  information and support that will benefit all parties and help us achieve our mutual goals. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

More information on Neways can be found in their website: