Necessity for better membranes in water electrolysis and CO2 electrolysis

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Friday September 29, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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You are warmly invited to join this 46th online EIRES Lunch lecture scheduled as follows:

Friday 29 September 2023

12h00-13h00 CET

Necessity for better membranes in water electrolysis and CO2 electrolysis

David A. Vermaas
Associate Professor TU Delft / Transport Phenomena (TP)
Faculty of Applied Sciences, department of Chemical Engineering

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EIRES | Focus Area - Engineering for Sustainable Energy Systems

Led by Principal Scientists
Niels Deen and John van der Schaaf

In the transition towards renewable energy, efficient and scalable conversion of electricity into fuels and chemicals is a crucial though challenging step. Electrolysis of water and/or CO2 can generate hydrogen and carbon-based pre-cursors to supply sustainable products to hard-to-abate sectors. This includes the use of carbon-based chemicals (e.g. for plastics) and e-fuels (e.g. for long-distance transportation). While water electrolysis is developed (and applied) for many years, the scale required for the current energy transition is enormous. Membranes play an important role in this technology, both for PEM electrolysis and AEM electrolysis. In CO2 electrolysis, upscaling brings the additional challenges of water management and CO2 utilization. David Vermaas will present the large impact of COcrossover in CO2 electrolyzers, and the indirect energy required for the regeneration of electrolytes and necessary CO2 capture. Again, the choice of the membrane and system configuration is critical, with a particular role for bipolar membranes. Bipolar membranes inhibit the CO2 crossover and allow earth-abundant electrode material, but require further development in terms of limiting current and catalyst-interaction. David will also discuss the opportunities for membranes and system development towards efficient and scalable water/CO2 electrolysis.

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About the speaker David Vermaas is associate professor at TU Delft, leading a research group on electrochemical flow systems in the Chemical Engineering department and part of the e-Refinery institute. He has been trained in environmental technology (BSc+MSc, Wageningen) and membrane technology (PhD, Wetsus+Twente), and has been visiting researcher at the Berkeley Lab. His current research focuses on water/CO2 electrolysis, flow batteries, CO2 capture and resource recovery. David is also part of the multidisciplinary Energy Transition Accelerator Team and theme coordinator in the Climate Action program at TU Delft. Previous research has continued in two start-up companies, AquaBattery and SeaO2.

Online | MS Teams

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