Thursday March 31, 2022 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Dear WISE member,

In collaboration with the Diversity Committee of the Department of Applied Physics / Study Association J.D. van der Waals, we would like to invite you to join our monthly WISE Lunchtime talk which will take place on 31 March 2022.

About the session ‘Promote Your Talent’: Each one of us have extraordinary talents. Some of them we have discovered, but most are still hidden. Talking about our talents and promoting them is not easy for many scientists. In a scientific competitive world, promoting ourselves and our talents is crucial for succeeding in our career - when applying for a new position, when competing for a new grant or simply getting noticed in our community. But how do we present ourselves? How do we gain confidence and connect with the others?

In this interactive and vivid lecture, you will get introduced to the 3 laws of theatre for scientists, discover your hidden talents and learn to successfully promote yourself and your research. You will leave the lecture full of energy and inspiration, with a strong feeling of confidence, ready to score a new position, a grant or promote yourself outside your organisation. Come join us!

Feel free to share the invitation with colleagues/students for whom this lecture may be of interest.

How to attend: Please register in advance for this lunch session by sending an email to:
After registration, you will receive a link via Teams to participate in this online meeting.

Introduction STRALIA Trainings and Courses
Science Starts with You! - this is our motto at Stralia. We engage scientists, researchers and engineers to express their passion for knowledge and connect & inspire others. We do not use tips and tricks, but rather non-standard methods based on personal discovery. The trainings and workshops are an adventurous journey to discover the authentic leader, presenter, or teacher in you. Each training is different as each discovery is personal. Our workshops and trainings are vivid, inspiring and intense. Developing scientists is the core of our business. We listen, engage, provide constructive feedback and by doing so we create a positive and safe atmosphere throughout the course. The lecture will be given by Dr. Maria Sovago, founder of Stralia. Maria has a PhD in Physics from AMOLF, The Netherlands. She worked as a team leader and project manager for 8 years at TNO, Unilever and NWO (Dutch Council). She has 10+ years of experience in coaching scientists and researchers at a very personal level. Working in academia for many years in various positions, Maria knows well all the aspects of an academic environment. Over the years, Maria has been coaching and mentoring many students, teachers, and full-professors in the beta fields: from Mathematics to Life-Sciences. She is also teaching and leading the Systems Engineering programme within the Applied Sciences faculty at Delft University of Technology for 1 day/week. For more information, please visit www.stralia.nl.


Women in Science - Eindhoven (WISE) Network

WISE network is a network for female scientific staff at TU/e. Supported by the University Board, the network was founded in March 2007.