smart mobility, artificial intelligence

Aero Team Eindhoven

Developing an autonomous drone network
for sustainable transport
by zero-emission in air delivery

Aero Team Eindhoven prototype


At Aero Team Eindhoven our mission is to facilitate high-priority package delivery using drones. We do this by creating a network of highways in the sky between important logistical points, where drones are allowed to fly. 
Imagine a drone, flying over a highway in our network.  When its battery runs out, it can signal to our system that it needs a refuel. At that moment a much more mobile drone will launch from the closest fuelling station in the network, towards the cargo drone. It will interlock in mid-air and swap the empty battery to a full one. Enabling this cargo drone to fly endlessly. 
This way packages can get delivered quicker, over a greater distance and yet in a sustainable way! 



Aero Team Eindhoven 22-23

Team 2022-2023

Check out the team of 2022-2023 with team Manager Bram Schut 

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