Student association

a.s.v. SSRE

SSRE is a student association in Eindhoven. Students of all studies come together to make the best out of their student life!

About us

Student association SSRE, with its 400 members, is one of the biggest and most active student associations of Eindhoven. SSRE has been leaving its mark in Eindhoven since its founding in 1957.

In November 2018 SSRE settled in a monumental building named “V22”. The building is located in the center of Eindhoven on the Vestdijk, which is one of the most important streets in the city center. For the entirety of the academic year V22 is open to members for at least four days a week for drinks without a closing time. Moreover, SSRE organizes multiple large scale events and parties which are accessible for all students in Eindhoven!

Members of SSRE are characterized by their diversity. SSRE values its traditions, but challenges the convention that only a select group of people fit a certain association. Conversing with members of SSRE quickly shows anyone can find their place in this great association.

The core mindset of SSRE is that being a student is not just about studying. The time at the university is the greatest period of your life. So, try to make the best of it! SSRE offers a lot of different possibilities to make your time at university unforgettable: You can join one of our numerous sport- and culture- sub-associations, develop your organizational skills by organizing large scale events and meet new people who will become friends for the rest of your life!


SSRE organizes the best parties, the biggest cantus of Eindhoven for example. In addition, sororities organize unforgettable sports events like tennis, ice hockey, petanque, beachvolley and more!


Members of SSRE live together in over 40 SSRE houses. Here they come together to eat, relax and study together. All the houses are affordable and located in the city centre.


Studying is a high priority at SSRE. After spending evenings at SSRE, member meet up at the university to study, but also to have a quick break together. As a freshmen, you can always ask help from older members.

And much more!

SSRE has a lot more to offer! It’s possible to join the various sub-associations, ranging from playing soccer to singing in a band. SSRE has a lot to offer for every student in Eindhoven.

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