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Footloose is Eindhovens student dancing association! We have ballet, salsa, hiphop, zouk, modern-jazz and ballroom, but most of all lots of fun!

About us

Welcome to Footloose! We are the student dancing association in Eindhoven offering a broad range of dance courses. At Footloose you will be able to dance 6 different styles of dances: Modern-Jazz, Ballet, Hiphop, Salsa, Zouk and Ballroom. Every style has several courses of different levels, so all dancers, from beginners to advanced, can learn something at Footloose!

Footloose however is more than just for dancing, we are student association as well, which means we organize many activities like bowling, pooling, games nights, weekend trips, galas, a Christmas dinner and many more! Besides regular classes, we also have dance- and training evenings for all members, every other week on Wednesday. At dance evenings you get to know other members and you can put your learned moves into practice. Regularly these evenings are also themed, turning them into a special festivity.


Every year at the start of June, the Footloose showcase is organized. It is a spectacular yearly event where all the dancers of Footloose show and prove how passionate they are and what they have learned the past year. Past year has been a great success, with over 400 visitors, 110 dancers, 13 different dance styles and 2 shows on one day in the ‘Parktheater’ in Eindhoven.

Dance evening

Every other week we organize a dance evening on Wednesday. This takes place after the course bronze ballroom. On a dance evening can try out your new dance figures and meet your fellow Footloose members and friends! The dances are very accessible and fun for both beginners and advanced. Common dance styles at the dance evening are ballroom dancing, salsa, zouk, kizomba and line dance. Do you have requests or do you want to do another dance? Do not hesitate to talk to our DJs! The dance evenings sometimes have a special theme, making them even more enjoyable!

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    ESDV Footloose
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