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Human Augmentation Research & Technology

Our mission

The way we experience the world is limited by the sensory receptors given to us at birth. HART envisions a future where the constraints of human biology dissolve, and new ways of experiencing the world arise by giving people freedom of experience. The human brain is a black box that specializes in deciphering patterns. By translating parts of reality to consistent patterns, the brain can learn to unlock new ways of experiencing reality.

Equipped with advanced sensors, state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, and knowledge of the human brain and body, we strive to create a platform that would allow anybody to translate parts of reality to consistent patterns comprehendible by the human brain. This will enable us to open the full realm of human experience and pose the question "how would you like to experience the world"?


Our proof of concept

We intend to enable a person to interpret words of multiple languages from haptic feedback and create a unified language of touch. We believe this technology will be a life-changer for deaf people and anyone visiting a foreign country.

  • Sensors pick up data
    Microphone picks up speech from the environment.

  • AI finds patterns in data
    Speech is processed, translated, and mapped into recognizable patterns.

  • Tactile communication with the brain
    Constructed patterns are communicated with haptic feedback.

  • Brain learns and deciphers patterns
    After a short period of learning, your brain learns to recognize the patterns and, therefore, speech.

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