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Human Augmentation Research & Technology

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Our mission

team HART prototype 2022

The way we experience the world is limited by our senses.  

Team HART believes in making the world more inclusive by replacing limitations with technological possibilities. We envision a future where the constraints of human biology dissolve, and new ways of perceiving the world arise by giving people freedom of experience. 
Human augmentation is a field of research that aims to enhance the human experience through medicine or technology. The focus is on creating cognitive and physical alternatives by expanding the current human senses and even creating entirely new abilities. 
Our team is researching the possibility of communicating information via haptic feedback. We are designing a wearable sleeve that contains vibration motors. These components create distinct vibrational patterns that are felt on the forearm. Each of these patterns holds a specific meaning; therefore, any type of information that can be transformed into a sequence of vibrations can then be transferred to the user via the sleeve.  
The adaptability of our approach gives us the chance to create multiple applications that expand the human senses. This makes it possible to, for example, feel language instead of listening to it, or feel facial expressions instead of observing them. 


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    Sjoerd van de Goor
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