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Knights of the Kitchen Table

ESRG Knights of the Kitchen Table is The student tabletop and role-play association in the heart of Eindhoven.

About us

Have you ever wondered how it would be to go on an epic dragon-slaying adventure with your travelling companions? Maybe you’ve had such an adventure before, and you are looking for a new quest, filled with intrigues and conspiracies to feed your fantasy? Or maybe you are looking for some company to play your favorite board- and card games with?

Come by ESRG Knights of the Kitchen Table. The Knights is a roleplay and board game student association, with around 100 members. Every Wednesday we have varying open activities, of which a monthly roleplay evening and storytelling workshop, or another activity organized by one of our committees. Every Tuesday and once a month on Wednesday we have an open board game evening. We also facilitate playing long term roleplay (campaigns) and have evenings centered around starting and joining such campaigns.

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