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Serpentine AI

 Serpentine AI discovers, develops, competes and contributes to a future with Artificial Intelligence.

serpentine in neuron 2023

Serpentine believes that engineers from every discipline should have the opportunity to integrate AI into their work. However, while dreaming big is important, how do you actually apply the opportunities AI offers into something tangible? How do you even begin if AI is outside your primary field of study? How do you know when a problem can be solved using AI? 
That is where Serpentine comes in: we are a pro-learning student team and association that strives to give people the opportunity to discover AI. We offer a playground for engineers, academia, and industry alike to work on solving digital or physical problems using a variety of AI models.
We believe that only by bridging theory and practice, can people come to intuition and insight. 
Serpentine as a student team is composed of 4 aspects:

  • Discovering,
  • Developing,
  • Competing,
  • Contributing.  

Discovering the passion for AI with the support and encouragement of like-minded peers. We believe that anyone can learn to understand and love AI, so no experience is even required.  
Developing our own creative solutions to problems, whether it be in competitions, or hobby projects is vital to improving our own skills and intuition.  

Competing is a critical part of Serpentine which allows us to gauge the strength of our solutions. We strive for credibility and accountability to have the most value in AI-research. 
Contributing our own research and solutions to the AI community from which we learnt ourselves. We open source our code and supply technical reports to allow anyone to pick up our insights. 

Serpentine team 2022-2023

Team 2022 - 2023

With team manager Nil Dinç 

  • Visiting address

    Building number 32
    De Zaale 32
    5612AJ Eindhoven
    the Netherlands
  • Postal address

    Serpentine AI
    PO Box 513
    5600MB Eindhoven
    the Netherlands
  • Team Manager

    Nil Dinç

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