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 Serpentine AI discovers, develops, competes and contributes to a future with Artificial Intelligence.

About us

A place for every engineer to learn Artificial Intelligence

We believe engineers from every discipline should have the opportunity to integrate AI into their work. However, how do you prepare yourself if AI is outside your primary field of study? How do you become aware of the opportunities? How will you bring AI into practice?

That’s where Serpentine comes in: a non-profit association where everybody can discover AI. We offer a playground for engineers, academia and industry alike. Only by bridging theory and practice, we can come to intuition and insight.


A Curious Case for E-Sports

It is no coincidence that AI research focuses on games. Games offer a rewarding, stable and well-defined environment. Developing AI for games requires nothing more than your own laptop. It is the fast-lane to AI-expertise, taking one step at a time.

Though E-sports is a controlled environment, its insights are still beneficial. Problems in games relate directly to real life situations. Therefore competitions are an excellent playground for modern AI research.


Our Mission:

Serpentine is a place where everybody can discover AI. By focusing on AI E-sports we offer a practical playground to AI researchers and other engineering disciplines alike; connecting engineers, academia, and industry. Our focus:

  • Discover: Serpentine is a place where everybody can discover AI, supported by peers. No Experience needed.
  • Develop: At Serpentine we believe implementing the solution yourself is vital to mastering the tools. Only by developing our own AI agents, we come to new insights.
  • Compete: By competing in AI E-sports competitions we can gauge the strength of our approach. This creates credibility, accountability and value in AI-research.
  • Contribute: The value we create is returned to the AI research community from which we learn. We open source our code and supply technical reports to allow anyone to pick up our insights.
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