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shaping the future of sustainable mobility together

Creating unique, sustainable cars. Each with their own revolutionary concept

TU/ecomotive aims at shaping the future of sustainable mobility by implementing the most recent innovations into concept cars. We are a student team based at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Since the mobility sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, this is the area where we think we can make the most significant impact. Since mobility is an important aspect within our day-to-day lives we would like to influence society and car manufacturers to use and produce more sustainable cars.

We want to show the (automotive) industry the possibilities when it comes to becoming more sustainable. We do this by showing the use of different materials, different production methods and a different mindset from the big industry.

We have been building sustainable cars for 10 years with each car having its own revolutionary concept. We have made six cars with concepts as Nova, our modular car, Noah with its plant based chassis and body and our most recent car Luca which is based on waste.

We are currently working on our seventh car, with this time the revolutionary concept being CO2 neutrality. This means that we aim at making our car CO2 neutral in the production, driving and after-life.  

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    Building number 83
    Horsten 8
    5612AX Eindhoven
    the Netherlands
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    PO Box 513
    5600MB Eindhoven
    the Netherlands
  • Team manager

    Louise de Laat

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